Online Marketing

8 simple tips for a great hotel website

Are you keen on getting a dedicated hotel website? This would be a smart choice, as your property website is often the first impression received by potential guests, and the most important point in making their decisions on whether to book…or not!

Google Maps for your hotel: All you need to know!

Did you know that travellers can now book their hotel directly from search results without ever leaving the Google site? Seize this new opportunity of attracting more bookings by learning how to manage it smartly for your hotel!

The secret world of Hotel SEM = Search Engine Marketing

As a hotel owner, appearing on the first page of Google’s search results is surely one of your top marketing dreams. To achieve this you should, first of all, start working on your hotel SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which embraces SEO, SEA and SMO techniques.

Social Media

Getting started on Social Media - Special Hotels!

We all know that social media is not avoidable these days, so why and how to begin? As a quick overview, here we'll share with you the most recent social media figures and expert insights.

10 tips to better manage your hotel Facebook page

Smartly managing your Hotel Facebook Page is assuredly the number one priority of your social media and digital marketing strategy. Creating relevant and engaging content is the key to reach more guests. Here is how to do it the right way...

How to create an impactful hotel video campaign in social media

The art of storytelling has become a necessity in the tourism industry. Which better way to tell your hotel stories than through short films? Video has become an ever-present part of social media, therefore, creating and achieving an effective video campaign requires some careful thought...

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Sales & Distribution

Maximize your hotel online distribution with a Channel Manager

Your “channels” are all the different websites from which travelers are able to book rooms in your hotel. It can be a direct channel like your own hotel website, or it can be an indirect channel like OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies). OTA’s are common, and there are many on the internet...

GDS, OTA and Meta: What’s the difference?

GDS, OTA, Metasearch Engines… You must have come across these terms at some point. But how can they help your hotel gain more online visibility and sell more rooms?
Let’s take a look together!

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Hotel Software

10 tips to help you choose your hotel channel manager

Finding the right Hotel Channel Manager for your property can be daunting, especially when there are so many available online. Don’t worry if you find yourself having difficulty choosing the best one for your needs. You’re not the only one...

What is a Hotel PMS and why use one?

A hotel PMS is a solution developed specifically to replace those complex Excel sheets you’ve been using to manage your daily hotel bookings, room inventories, billing, etc.
There is a vast amount of PMS providers available online, and you can find them by doing a simple Google search: it’s a jungle out there!

The best Revenue Management System for your property

A good revenue management system can give you optimal pricing suggestions, 365-day forecasts in advance, competitor rate checks, alerts for special events and much more.
If you want optimal pricing, competitor analysis and realistic forecasting then read on…

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Hotel Management

Which hotel marketing mix best suits your property?

Would you like to develop a powerful, effective marketing strategy for your hotel, as adopted by large hotel chains? Marketing is the art of selling and promoting your hotel rooms, and there is a great deal you can do it make it successful...

How to create your hotel Competitive Set Analysis

Are you wondering how to create a complete and suitable hotel competitive analysis for your property (what we call in marketing terms, hotel benchmarking)? Great idea!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your hotel

The General Data Protection Regulation is a major overhaul of the EU data protection law. It will have a big impact on the way you collect, store, process, and manage personal data of EU citizens, whether they are your clients, partners or employees...

Top 10 tips to prepare your hotel for the GDPR

GDPR is a game changer for hoteliers, with strict penalties if you don’t comply, so it’s essential to be prepared. In our last article we introduced you to GDPR, outlined its impact on the hotel industry and how it will affect hotel marketing campaigns.

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