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SabeeApp Logo Premier Partner

All-in-one system for small to medium sized hotels: reliable, easy to use - and amazing support! Price starting at just 89€ per month for up to 9 rooms.

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A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, etc.

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MyStay Logo Partner

MyStay is an all-in-one guest experience solution that connects travel accommodations with their guests after reservation, makes reception processes contactless and brings back outstanding hospitality.

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Metasphere Logo Premier Partner New

Unlock your full potential with our solutions. Reimagine your guest experiences today through the power of contactless technology.

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New kid in the block and possibly the perfect tool for many hoteliers: offering everything a small or medium sized hotel business needs in an neat and affordable package!

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An AI-powered smart concierge, now part of Revinate, offering end-to-end guest engagement. It acts as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and communicates with guests via text messaging.

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Octorate is a complete, affordable and very customizable suite of modules allowing you to manage your accommodation from A to Z. Best for smaller structures.

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A revenue driven SaaS platform for managing all your digital needs, from ordering and purchasing to contactless check -in, room service & 250 more features.

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Use Canary to securely conduct contactless check-in and process credit card authorizations, contracts, and amenities online.

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With AeroGuest Flow you can monitor all your guests checking in with AeroGuest - your new mobile service.

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Developed for busy hotel managers and owners, StayNTouch is an innovative solution for people on the move.
With a simple interface, it's very easy to use.

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Boost staff efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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Create experiences your guests love! Swyftin is a hotel upsell software that helps hotels increase revenue.

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HQBeds PMS is easy and simplifies your work.

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El PMS con el que los alojamientos turísticos gestionas sus reservas y reciben cada semana nuevos viajeros en busca de experiencias únicas.

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One solution for digitalizing your hotel operations and guest experience.

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Duve is an end-to-end guest management platform helping hotels increase profitability, and enhance their brand with solutions such as online check-in

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GuestBell Logo Partner New

Elevate guest satisfaction with GuestBell - the ultimate hotel app offering Online Check In, Room Service, Chat, Brochure, and Reviews at their fingertips.

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HelloShift connects your guests, staff, and operations in an all-in-one hotel operations platform that is as easy to use as Facebook!

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To create a new user in PMS you must fill out a New User Access Request form by completing all of the requested information, and submitting it.

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Instio GEM is an integrated digital solution for Mobile Check-In, Guest Management and Service Quality Monitoring solution for hospitality companies.

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P3 provides high-converting & custom booking solutions to help hotels maximise efficiency, conversion rate, and direct revenue.

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Centrum Innovations, one of the world major providers of customized online reservation systems understands and provides solutions for your e-Business .

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Check-in online (web check-in o self check-in) AmicHotel ti consente di comunicare con il cliente che ha prenotato in maniera immediata e semplice!.

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Criton is an award-winning technology provider that enables hotels to improve the guest experience, increase revenue, direct bookings and loyalty with their .

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