A Fully No Touch-compliant on-property solution targeting higher guest engagement. With this virtual check-in system in place, ensure no touch communication, payments, orders, and checkouts.

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An integral part of SabeeApp's all-in-one solution, GuestAdvisor tools allow guests to check-in online, book additional services, and receive important information regarding their stay.

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GuestJoy provides an all-round digital guest experience for hotels of all sizes: Online check-in, upselling & gathering feedback.

An integral part of a complete, affordable and very customizable all-in-one suite, Octorate Virtual Concierge allows guests to manage payments and check in online.

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Asksuite is a reservation chatbot and service channel management focused on increasing direct bookings and central reservation productivity. It just won Hotel Tech Award 2020 on the Chatbot category.

Free for all 2020 to help with COVID-19 and other traveler's questions

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Oaky drives incremental revenue and enhances the guest experience through targeted pre-arrival upselling - trusted partner by hotels across 60 countries.

A complete and powerful Guidebook Platform to give your guest local recommendations and mission critical property information.

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An AI-powered smart concierge, offering end-to-end guest engagement. It acts as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and communicates proactively with guests via text messaging.

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Howazit is a simple, elegant and smart guest communication platform based on real time chat with your guests.

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